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Happy #easter!
Thanks for the onesie Nana!
#recordstoreday haul. Was too late for a couple things I wanted (no ghostbusters or cave in), but managed to score a couple things I wanted along with stuff I’ve been meaning to pick up! Ran into @perk900 too! Really awesome day. #rsd2014 #rsd
Hanging out before pickle’s first #recordstoreday!
Oh, pickle ♥♥♥
Bundled up for our walk. 8 weeks today!
Annabel loves Cosmos. Fussing is instantly calmed as soon as she hears #NeilDeGrasseTyson #proudmama
My face is throbbing, but morning snuggle time in bed makes me not care.
Fancy new rocker = spaceship. Happy pickle = great success!
Springtime walks = serious business.